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I like to wear stylish caps and I usually buy fitteds at Lids in the mall. I wish they would let us wear cool baseball caps on the baseball field. When I'm walking down the street, people often shout at me, "Hey Dustin Pedoria, 2008 MVP, what do you think of the new Red Sox uniforms and caps?" After I inform them about the great specials going down at Sullivan Tire, I tell them what I think.

Hot damn...a year ago that would have been me stuck on BS Red Sox PR duty. Poor Manny Delcarmen. Now that I"m MVP, I don't think I will have do any of that intern stuff.

Oh yeah, so let me continue my story. I usually tell them "Dustin Pedoria likes the new caps and uniforms, and you can purchase them on They have great deals going on today." I am a company man.


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