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I might have to consult a plastic surgeon or a hair transplant doctor specialist after all this bad news of my brother and Papi. This is how I feel.

I've always wanted rhinoplasty to have a bigger nose. Or maybe I can go back to looking young with some hair transplants. Just don't let Brett see me.

David Ortiz on Steroids. Wow. Thanks for taking the heat off my brother Brett and his molestation conviction. hope Jason Bay isn't going to the Canadian Pharmacy. There are some good deals off those Canadian Pharmacies. You can get Viagara, Percocets, Vicodin, Xanax all at great prices. All legal drugs. Too bad David may have taken the wrong the illegal drug kind. Here's the NY Times story that broke it all...good to see HOF Mike Schmidt still getting work. 3B MVP to NY Times reporter...hopefully I can do the same. That or a Canadian drug sales guy. I love the mail order drug industry. so interesting.

So bad news my brother Brett Pedroia is going to jail This sucks.

I told Brett to get a better lawyer and not use an Auto Accident lawyer after he was arrested. A car accident lawyer in Woodland California aren't really the best.

Here's a Brett Pedroia picture if you want to see him. Prayers be with you. I'll get re-trial with my best Boston lawyer soon.

Roy Holiday, Roy Holliday, Roy Halladay. I don't want to trade for him because I can't spell. I want Vicky Martinez or Adrien Gonzalez to come to the Red Sox. Victor and Adrian come join us.

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