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My Brother

Yikes my brother Brett is facing some nasty accusations. Dustin Pedroia's brother is not a child molester - and yes I'm referring to myself in the 3rd person.

Read all about my brother, Brett Pedroia and these lewd act accusations here.

Now I guess I should call him.

Dan Shaungnessy makes a point his column that making the cover of MLB The Showis like making the cover of Rolling Stone. Well if MLB Show was actually a generation-defining product at one point, maybe that would be true. Maybe D.Shaugn is talking about the Rolling Stone of today, which no one cares about making the cover.

The article itself makes me seem pretty boring. I guess it's better that way. Dan Shaugnessy Sucks.

NBA Champion and Former Celtics great Antoine Walker has been charged with suspicion of drunken driving in Miami Beach. It's so sad when the Boston greats fall like this. Hopefully it won't happen to me or Clay....or anybody else on the team.

From AP: "Police say officers smelled alcohol and that "Walker looked sleepy." Doesn't he always look sleepy though? He's innocent! FREE ANTOINE!

The AP also reported that 'Toine is being held on a $1,000 bond and did not have an attorney. All athletes should have DUI lawyers on speed dial.

Antoine Walker Shimmy

Antoine Walker Highlight Video

People often ask me "Hey you, Dustin Pedoria, 2008 Major League Baseball MVP and Gold Glover, are you married?" Depending on who is the room the answer is different, but since this is the interwebs, I must confess the truth. I am married. The Red Sox don't like to publicize it too much though because then there won't be as many female Red Sox fans if they know I'm married. And John, Tom, and Larry would then be stuck with a warehouse of unsold Pink Red Sox gear.

But yo it's confession time...I haven't been faithful to my wife, at least mentally. I have a crush on a girl..a.nd it's not a girl, it's a cartoon character. I love esurance auto insurance girl. Her commercials aren't as good as my Sullivan Tire baseball spots, but esurance girl is like the like perfect women, if not the perfect auto insurance quote promoter. Sometimes my wife catches me on the esurance site late at night. I quickly go to geico or some other site so she thinks I"m just shopping for car insurance. I rather her think I'm just obsessed with car insurance deals.

I like to wear stylish caps and I usually buy fitteds at Lids in the mall. I wish they would let us wear cool baseball caps on the baseball field. When I'm walking down the street, people often shout at me, "Hey Dustin Pedoria, 2008 MVP, what do you think of the new Red Sox uniforms and caps?" After I inform them about the great specials going down at Sullivan Tire, I tell them what I think.

Hot damn...a year ago that would have been me stuck on BS Red Sox PR duty. Poor Manny Delcarmen. Now that I"m MVP, I don't think I will have do any of that intern stuff.

Oh yeah, so let me continue my story. I usually tell them "Dustin Pedoria likes the new caps and uniforms, and you can purchase them on They have great deals going on today." I am a company man.

Dustin Pedroia

By Dustin Pedoria

Dustin Pedroia that's my name
I like to play baseball game
Dustin Pedroia my wife's name is Kelli
I enjoy Peanut Butter and Jelly
Dustin Pedroia I'm listed at five-nine
But the real truth is just for mine
Dustin Pedoria my grammar is not too good
But hey I went to ASU so ka-dood
Dustin Pedoria I play second base
For Christmas I got a bookcase
Hell Yeah...Ding Ding Dong..

People keep asking me about why does Dustin Pedoria do Sullivan Tire ads? So I usually go all Zen on them and retort why does (insert name or pronoun) you go to a 9-5 job you hate everday? A man has got to make a living, right? They usually reply, but you're rich...You're a MVP winning baseball player! But yo, I respond, before I signed that fat contract I was making $300,000 a year - which is not much when you are hanging out with baseball stars. As Patrick Ewing wisely said, "We make a lot of money, but we spend a lot of money." Patrick, truer words have never been said.

So listen, I urge you to fulfill all your tire needs at Sullivan Tire. Please...if you live in the Boston area and you need tires, please go to Sullivan Tire. If my personal plea is not enough, watch the commercials below.

Don Sutton! I thought you retired!

Lady, like my pleated pants? I know you think we're the same age. But we're not. Look at my hairline.

Jim Sullivan has a nice package I'm admiring...of GREAT TIRE DEALS!

Sure Clay Buccholz would probably take the DUI cake, but that's like betting on whether Bill Simmons will write "Absolutley" in one of his columns. It's going to happen. Absolutely.

Plus I'm tired of Bill Simmons making fun of my height in his increasingly awful columns. But at least he's not as much as schmuck as Jerry Remy. More about hating the RemPoodle later.

Anyway, back to the DUI waiting to know both are veterans, both are surly, both are past their primes, but Lowe will at least have 40+ million dollar contract in whatever city he is in...while Brad Penny might be in Pawtucket, where the only thing to do is drink. So I'm going with Brad Penny to be the first guy who has to ring up a DUI Lawyer.

Brad Penny and girlfriend Alyssa Milano aka Sam from Who's the Boss. I'm not jealous at all. Kelli Pedroia is a fine woman.

Welcome to my blog! I'm Dustin Pedoria, the second baseman for YOUR Boston Red Sox. With Curt Schilling out the door (hopefully), I was wondering who is going to blog for Red Sox now? Well, why not the MVP of the 2008 Major League Baseball Season? Answer, well he could be busy and he is the MVP so why would he keep a blog? Wrong! Real answer, I'm a huge egomaniac and I feel people need to know my thoughts. Daily conversations with loved ones will not suffice!

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