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Jerry Remy sick returned to Fenway last night. Good to see him comeback despite my past comments. If you haven't heard what I thought about's that famous Jerry Remy Stunk Youtube clip. Probably should have said Jerry Remy stinks.

Wow nice Josh Hamilton Bar Pictures. Check out more at Deadspin.

Josh Hamilton Bar

Helps me forget this Red Sox slide. Maybe we can keep the Texas Rangers at bay though for the wild card. Josh Hamilton sure loves his alcohol and college girls.

Josh Hamilton loves the bar.

Whoever took that iPhone picture should sell it to, or!

So I found out what Daisuke Matsuzaka - Dice-K to his friends - is doing with his Red Sox career on hold. Dice-K is wearing red for another team - Friendly's. Here he is below training some ladies at the restaurant. The person who is Daisuke Matsuzaka's wife is probably not too happy. Hopefully the Daisuke Matsuzaka can wear a glove soon and the Dice-K gyroball will make a comeback. The Matsuzka contract will be worth it.

Daisuke Matsuzaka Video here. Look at that gyroball.

So like Geico Car Insurance, Progressive Auto Insurance ads, or Aflac insurance commercials bad news for the Red Sox is ubiquitous these days, helping me cover up my brother's story. Looks like two security dudes were fired for steroids back in 08...including Jerry Remy's son Jared Remy. Look at him on the here for the Boston Globe story. Fascinating story on the two dudes.

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