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Dustin Pedroia Wife

People often ask me "Hey you, Dustin Pedoria, 2008 Major League Baseball MVP and Gold Glover, are you married?" Depending on who is the room the answer is different, but since this is the interwebs, I must confess the truth. I am married. The Red Sox don't like to publicize it too much though because then there won't be as many female Red Sox fans if they know I'm married. And John, Tom, and Larry would then be stuck with a warehouse of unsold Pink Red Sox gear.

But yo it's confession time...I haven't been faithful to my wife, at least mentally. I have a crush on a girl..a.nd it's not a girl, it's a cartoon character. I love esurance auto insurance girl. Her commercials aren't as good as my Sullivan Tire baseball spots, but esurance girl is like the like perfect women, if not the perfect auto insurance quote promoter. Sometimes my wife catches me on the esurance site late at night. I quickly go to geico or some other site so she thinks I"m just shopping for car insurance. I rather her think I'm just obsessed with car insurance deals.


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