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I love quality car insurance. They advertise a lot during baseball games. I especially love the Allstate auto insurance commercials with the guy from 24.

More 24 Guy Car Insurance TV Ad.

Car insurance commercials in the old days were fun too. In those days you couldn't get car insurance quotes online though.

I also love the TV Show Survivor. Those commercials on that show not as good, but here's a preview of the show.

Dustin Pedroia wants to go to 42 Bullet Park Road, Ossining 62, NY, where my friend's the Drapers live on Mad Men.

Will the post office get a bunch of letters to Ossining, New York?

Don Draper & Betty Draper
42 Bullet Park Road
Ossining 62, NY

Here's Jon Hamm at bat.

42 Bullet Park Road, Ossining 62, NY is the Mad Men Address I want to go to.

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