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Here's a link to that Babe Ruth NY Times video - the new undiscovered footage. The New York Times is trying to figure out what game is in the video.

New York Times: Babe Ruth Footage New

I would just embed it myself here, but those New York Times bastards don't have the embed option.

But here's another Babe Ruth video for your enjoyment. It's pretty amazing footage of one of his home runs.

That punk son of Patrick Roy finally plead guilty for assault today over that famous hockey fight last March 2008. No sentencing yet for Jonathan Roy, but the bastard did offer $5,000 for charity, obviously trying to garner sympathy from the judge. Let's hope he gets some jail time, but if not, hopefully the goalie who got pummeled can sue in a civil suit for some major bucks. Johnny Roy probably has the best defense lawyer money can buy.

Here's the raw video of the Jonathan Roy assault, which was egged on by daddy.

Here's the Sports Center reporting of it, with a Patrick Roy fighting flashback in the NHL. Like punk father, like punk son.

Going to need some personal injury insurance.

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