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this guy can't win...people are accusing Alex Rodriguez of groping a Toronto Police Officer. looks like did a get couple unnecessary feels in there.

EMBED-ARod Groping Female Officers At Jays Game - Watch more free videos

I wonder if A-Rod will do this on my PlayStation 3 Slim when I play him on MLB the Show 09

So I'm in the clubhouse right now and watching the Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement and I can't keep my eyes off Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame Date. After some research Michael Jordan's girlfriend appears to be Yvette Prieto. She's apparently a Cuban model and former girlfriend of Julio Iglesias Jr.

All of a sudden I want to be like Mike and get a divorce lawyer. Michael Jordan's girlfriend will probably be inspiring a lot of divorce lawyer phone calls. Marry me Yvette Prietto. I'm the MVP. I'll get the divorce, I swear. Michael Jordan girlfriend pictures below...Yvette Prieto pictures...

Update: HOF Speech Video with MJ girlfriend Yvette Prieto in the first few secondsof the video if you want to see her in the red dress. If you want to see the other parts of the Michael Jordan Hall of Fame Speech, go here.

Divorce lawyer now!

I need a divorce lawyer who handles pre-nuptial settlements too.

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