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Looking for the d League Champion dunk from Taurian Fontenette? The 720 Taurian Fontenette dunk did not happen during the D League Slam dunk conntest. Fotnette actually won the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown. See the below video

Taurian Fotenette Dunk Video

Taurian Fotenette is also known as the Air Up There. Here's the Air Up There Dunk video.

D League Champion Dunk

The 720 dunk, aka 720 degrees dunk is here.

720 Dunk

Taurian Fontenette : 720° Dunk
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After watching all these dunks - makes realize me wonder if I should have became a DUI lawyer. Being a DUI/DWI lawyer in Boston helps me pay the bills well, but drunk driving litigation isn't the most glamorous. I rather be an NBA player than drunk driving lawyer in Massachusetts. I wish I worked on my jump shot over trying to be the best lawyer in the Boston area.

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