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Jarrett Jack Tying Shoe video!

Jarett Jack tying shoe against the Chicago Bulls. Jarret Jack said he wasn't trying to insult the Bulls when he was tieing his shoe. Jarrett Jack you get my Geico Balls of the Month award. You have the ballz of the Geico Gekko from those car insurance commercials. One year of free car insurance for you!

Here is Allen Iverson Crying at his press conference today.

Allen Iverson Crying Video

Good luck Allen Iverson. Your crying and tears are much respected by this fake Dustin Pedroia. Allen Iverson back on the Philadelphia 76ers (Sixers) makes me want to cry. Cry Allen Iverson, Cry.

So the Red Sox asked me to play shortstop next year. Should I do it? readers are deadlocked at 0%

You'll only hear it on this blog, but I hate this idea. I should be a second baseman, not a Red Sox shortstop. Dustin Pedroia shortstop is not a good idea.

This however is what I emailed to Peter Gammons: "They've asked me if I think I could play shortstop. They've put it out there and I've told them I'm all for it. I can do it. I can't wait for Tito to call me and ask, 'Can you do it?' I can do it. I really want to do it." Sometimes you got to play politics with the media.

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