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Here's the Kevin Ware Broken Leg Injury Video.  This is a gruesome unedited full video look at the Louisville college player's horrific leg injury.  This happened in the Elite Eight of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.  March 31, 2013.

 Kevin Ware Uncensored Injury - Broken Leg Uncensored - HD High Definition CBS

Louisville's Kevin Ware breaks his leg trying to block a shot by a Duke player.  Ware lands awkwardly on his right leg which becomes disfigured.  Watch the video with extreme caution. The coaches, fans, and players on Louisville and Duke are all shocked by the injury. Ware is expected to make a full recovery.

Here is an uncensored photo of the broken bone protruding Kevin Ware's leg.  Again do not continue if you are easily disturbed.  Kevin Ware Broken Leg Photo picture is shown small here to avoid details of the breaking of the skin.  Click the photo for a higher resolution version. Warning: Kevin Ware Photo of Broken Leg - Protruding the Skin
Kevin Ware Uncensored Photo of Broken Leg

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